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Meet Skublox — Sellercloud’s optimized sorting solution for your order fulfillment workflow.

Can multiple users work on sorting the same orders at the same time?
Yes, one user can scan one product and the slot will light up with their color. When the next user scans another product for that same order the slot will light up with their color.

What happens if all of the available slots are occupied and the user scans a product from an additional order?
A message will appear, indicating that there are no free slots available for this item. For additional convenience, there is an option to get suggestions for the products required to complete orders that are already in process.

How does Skublox select which order to match to the product that is scanned?
First it gives priority to orders that are already in progress and then looks for orders that are picked. Additionally, orders can be filtered by picklist ID.

Is there a limit to how many Skublox lights can be in one setup?
There is no particular limit and wall capacity can easily exceed 100 Skublox lights so long as one PoE(Power over Ethernet) injector is added for each cluster of 20 light pairs.

Can Skublox be set up in multiple places in the same warehouse?
Yes, you can have any number of Skublox walls. After logging in to the mobile app, you simply select the wall that you are currently working on.

How long do the lights last for before they need to be replaced?
Each Skublox light consists of 12 LEDs that are designed to last for years. We are confident in the quality of our product and will gladly replace the lights if they stop working for any reason.

What happens if the item that was picked doesn’t have a barcode that is scannable, how do we sort it?
There is an option to manually key in the SKU. For security reasons this is only allowed for administrators or for other users with a security PIN.

What types of devices are compatible with the Skublox mobile app?
The Skublox app can be used on any smartphone (iOS, Android) or with any mobile device that has an integrated scanner such as a Zebra TC20 or C72 etc.
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