DataWedge and Keyboard Emulator Settings

Configure DataWedge (Symbol MC40, Zebra TC20/21, TC51) Open the DataWedge app on your Android device. You can find it installed in the app drawer. Tap the profile marked default. Usually, the name is Profile0 (default). Scroll down to the Keystroke output group and check Enabled. Tap Basic data formatting > Go […]

Download/Install the Skublox Sorter App

Overview The Skublox Sorter App is designed to optimize your sorting process. It can be installed on any Android or iOS device. Follow the instructions below to learn how to download and install the application. Android If you don’t have Google play configured follow these steps to install the app […]

Integrate Skublox API – workflows

Every API endpoint requires authentication. Read more Ensure subscription is enabled For the purpose of keeping statistics (roll out and adoption of the product), we would like to limit usage of the Skublox functionality to clients who have the subscription enabled. Enabling the subscription does not cost anything. The pricing […]

Integrate Skublox API – general

Purpose of the Skublox API The purpose of the Skublox API is to provide a programmatic way of managing SellerCloud & Skublox entities, and processes. SellerCloud entities include orders, products, picklists, employees (users of Employee type), warehouses, and web app settings (be it global or client-specific). Skublox-specific entities include walls, […]

Welcome to Skublox

Skublox is designed to simplify your entire sorting and fulfillment workflow! Our integrated pick-to-light and put-to-light technology will reduce errors and boost efficiency in your order fulfillment. Skublox is key to eliminating sorting and shipping errors. The system streamlines the picking, sorting, and shipping for scalable efficiency. Check out this […]

Log into the Skublox Sorter App

Access the Skublox Sorter App Skublox is all about improving your sorting process and simplifying your team’s workflow. Before you start sorting, simply log in and the system will assign you your own unique color to use when sorting. Log in with credentials Enter your Team name > Submit. Enter your […]

Open Log Folder in the Skublox Controller App

The log files in the Log Folder provide information about all activities in the sorting process. This lets you closely monitor all slot and sorter sessions. There are two types of logs:   Raw files provide detailed information about the sorting sessions Simple files show the log information in a readable format If […]

Scan as shipper in the Skublox Controller App

Scan as Shipper is useful for the initial wall configuration as a test mechanism that simulates the lifecycle of orders without using Sellercloud’s Shipbridge application. Click Scan as Shipper. You can check the Shipper barcode by ticking Show Box Barcodes. Enter your Security PIN. (Enable or disable your Security PIN […]

Select a sorting workflow

With Skublox, you can perform the Put-to-Light process for order sorting. You will need to select an order sorting workflow every time you add a new wall. You can do this when you log in for the first time in the Skublox Controller App or through the Settings tab.  The Skustack application performs Pick-to-Light order […]