• DataWedge and Keyboard Emulator Settings

    DataWedge and Keyboard Emulator are two software tools that can be used to automate and streamline the data collection in your inventory management processes.

  • Download Skublox Sorter App

    You can download the Skublox Sorter app on any Android or iOS device. The Skublox Sorter app is specifically designed to optimize your entire sorting process. Sorting orders is typically done with the help of a mobile scanner or a smartphone equipped with a scanner ring.

  • Integrate Skublox API – Workflows

    For the purpose of keeping statistics (roll out and adoption of the product), we would like to limit usage of the Skublox functionality to clients who have the subscription enabled. Enabling the subscription does not cost anything. The pricing of the product is directly related to the number of slots a client uses on a monthly basis.

  • Integrate Skublox API – General

    The purpose of the Skublox API is to provide a programmatic way of managing Sellercloud & Skublox entities, and processes. Sellercloud entities include orders, products, picklists, employees (users of Employee type), warehouses, and web app settings (be it global or client-specific).

  • Welcome to Skublox

    Skublox is specifically designed to simplify your entire sorting and fulfillment workflow! Our integrated pick-to-light and put-to-light technology will help you reduce errors and boost efficiency in your order fulfillment processes.

  • Log into the Skublox Sorter App

    Skublox is all about improving your sorting process and simplifying your team’s workflow. To begin, simply log in and the system will assign you your own unique color to use when sorting. There are two ways to log into the Skublox Sorter app.

  • Open Log Folder in the Skublox Controller

    The log files in the Log Folder provide information about all activities in the sorting process and help our developers troubleshoot and resolve issues with the Skublox application. They can also be used to trace activity and closely monitor all slot and sorter sessions.

  • Order Sorting workflows

    Skublox’s Put-to-Light and Pick-to-Light workflows are two different order sorting methods that can be used in your day-to-day sorting operations. While both processes are designed to help improve order sorting efficiency, they have distinct characteristics and applications.

  • Product identifiers in Skublox

    Product identifiers are used to define and distinguish products in the global marketplace. Understanding the product identifiers that you can use with Skublox is an integral part of the order fulfillment process.