Picklist Options

Understanding picklist options in Skublox Skublox lets you sort items with or without a picklist: Sorting without a picklist – Pull products from any fulfillable order in your account Sorting with a picklist – Sort items for specific groups of orders chosen in Sellercloud, such as rush orders, orders by […]

Download/Install the Skublox Android App

The Skublox mobile app is designed to optimize your sorting process and can be installed on any Android device. (For iOS devices, access the app from this browser link.) Go to apk.skublox.com. Click Download. After the download completes, open the file > Click Install. You can now access the Skublox […]

Order Sorting Methods

About order sorting Before starting to sort: You must log in, select a sorting wall, and choose to sort either with a picklist or without a picklist. Skublox provides you with flexible, accurate order sorting methods to help optimize your workflows. Skublox is supported on both Android and iOS. You have the […]

Swap Slots

There may be times when an assigned slot is inconvenient, or perhaps the slot size is too small for a product. In this case, you can use the convenient Swap Slots feature during the sorting process. This feature lets you seamlessly move the first product of an order to another […]

Product Suggestions

During the sorting process, you may reach a point when no more free slots are available. Using the Product Suggestions feature lets you: Determine which products still remain to be sorted for orders already in progress Check all products that remain to be sorted regardless of  status Using Product Suggestions […]

Slot Actions in the Skublox Hub App

Slot actions ensure that your Skublox Hub App is always up to date during the sorting process. The slot actions Refresh, Empty, and Flash are helpful when matching products in the physical slots with what’s recorded in the app. Users with the Administrator role can perform these actions for a single […]

Setting Up the Skublox Hub App

The Skublox Hub App helps you manage your sorting walls and see the “big picture” of your whole sorting process. The app is installed on the Skublox Controller PC, and in most cases, you simply update it to get the latest version. Downloading and installing the Skublox Hub App Download […]

Skublox Wall Installation Guide

Installing the Skublox Wall The Skublox Wall is easy to install and requires no special skills or tools. This article includes how to configure the wall, connect the lights, and properly disconnect the wall when needed. Keep in mind that the installation process is always the same; it will not […]

Preferences in the Skublox Hub App

The Preferences tab lets you easily adjust your Skublox sorting and fulfillment processes by enabling or disabling certain Skublox preferences. Some of the preferences are view-only. To change these preferences, log in to your Sellercloud account.  Enabling license plate label workflow Click Preferences. (A PIN may be required if configured. […]

Skublox Terms and Definitions

The Skublox Help contains a number of terms that are unique to Skublox. See the definitions in the table below to familiarize yourself with this terminology. TERM DEFINITION 12V Repeater Device that supplies additional 12V power to the Skublox system. Also known as a Power Injector. Alias An alternative reference […]