Picklist Options

Overview Skublox lets you sort items with or without a picklist: Sorting without a picklist – Sort products based on all fulfillable orders in your account. Sorting with a picklist – Sort items by specific groups of pre-selected, such as rush orders, orders by product, or destination Choose a Picklist […]

Order Sorting Methods

Overview When starting the sorting process in Skublox, you have the freedom to choose the best sorting method for your fulfillment team. Sorting orders is typically done with the help of a mobile scanner or a smartphone equipped with a scanner ring. In addition to that, sorting multiple units at once […]

Swap Slots

Overview There may be times when an assigned slot is inconvenient, or the slot size for the product you want to sort is too small. In such cases, you can use the Swap Slots feature to find a more suitable slot. Swap Slots Products that are already sorted in a slot […]

Product Suggestions

Overview The Product Suggestions feature analyzes existing orders and suggests the most suitable products to fill the remaining slots, ensuring that every slot is used effectively. By utilizing the Product Suggestions, you can: Identify products that still need to be sorted for orders already in progress on a specific wall. […]

Slot actions in the Skublox Controller

Overview Slot actions ensure that your Skublox Controller App is always up to date during the sorting process. The slot actions Refresh, Empty, and Flash are helpful when matching products in the physical slots with what’s recorded in the app. Users with the Administrator role can perform these actions for a […]

Download Skublox Controller App

Overview The Skublox Controller app helps you monitor and control various aspects of your sorting walls, such as configuring sorting criteria, tracking sorting operations, managing workflows, and analyzing data. It is specifically designed to provide you with an overview of your entire sorting process and is typically installed on a […]

Install the Skublox wall

Install the Skublox wall The Skublox wall is easy to install and requires no special skills or tools. In this article, you will find all the necessary steps you need to take to properly install your Skublox wall from start to finish. You will learn how to configure the Skublox […]

Configure Preferences in the Skublox Controller

Overview You can adjust your Skublox sorting and fulfillment processes by enabling or disabling specific Skublox preferences. Some of these preferences are view-only in the Controller app. To change them and view the full list of settings, log into the Skublox Hub. Configure Preferences To configure preferences in the Skublox […]

Skublox terms and definitions

In our Help section, you’ll encounter many unique terms that are specific to Skublox. Elevate your expertise by mastering the various terms and their respective definitions. For a comprehensive understanding of the terminology, refer to the table below: TERM DEFINITION 12V Repeater A device that supplies additional 12V power to […]