Slot capacities

Overview The Skublox Hub App allows you to manage and assign slot capacities. It allows you to configure the volume of the slots and sort orders with multiple items or find a better fit for bigger-sized items. When setting a capacity, you can choose between the following volume units: cubic […]

Download Skublox Hub App

Overview Skublox Hub is a powerful tool that helps you track your order sorting workflow in real-time from anywhere. The app allows for a complete bird’s eye view of your sorting operation and lets you use real-time data to get a comprehensive picture of your performance. Skublox Hub makes it […]

Configure the Skublox Controller App

After successfully installing the Skublox Controller App, you can configure it using the following settings: Option Description Show slot barcodes When enabled, shows the slot barcodes. Show cabling guides When enabled, shows the cabling between the slots. Brightness Controls the brightness of the LEDs. Find Order Allows you to find […]