Configure a new wall in the Skublox Hub App


Your initial setup includes the creation of your own customized light wall. You can create walls as small or as large as they need.

Configure a new wall

To add and configure a new wall in the Skublox Hub App:

  1. You can add a new Put-to-Light or Pick-to-Light wall.
  2. Click New Put-to-Light wall? Start here/New Pick-to-Light wall? Start here.add a new wall
  3. Enter Wall name.
  4. Select Warehouse from the dropdown.
  5. Enter the maximum number of users.
  6. Enter the number of Columns and Rows.
  7. Select the Cabling flow direction from the dropdown.
  8. You will see the Cabling preview depending on the number of slots you enter.
  9. Click Create wall.cabling preview


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