Use the Insights feature in the Skublox Hub App


You can get some valuable statistics in the Skublox Hub app with the help of the Insights feature. You can check the total number of sorted orders, units, and employee performance. By default, Insights shows relevant statistics for the last 7 days, while custom date ranges are also available.

Use Insights feature

To view statistics click Insights.

You can use the Insights feature in the Skublox Hub App to view different statistics depending on the:

  • orders
  • units
  • employees


You can select the data range and filter by warehouses.

You can also download data in the format of an excel file by clicking Download.

You can take a screenshot by clicking Snapshot.

In the Orders Sorted statistics, you can also see Units per order.

units per order

If you view the statistics by the employee you can select to view the statistics for all or per person by clicking Show stacked or Show individual.


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