Use product suggestions

During the sorting process, you may reach a point when no more free slots are available. Using the Product Suggestions feature lets you:

  • Determine which products still remain to be sorted for orders already in progress
  • Check all products that remain to be sorted regardless of  status

Use product suggestions

To use Product Suggestions:

  1. Tap the icon.
    Button for Product Suggestions
  2. Choose either This wall or All ordersThis wall will only show products in the specified wall, and All orders will open a list of products in all current orders.
    Suggestions on this wall
  3. Tap on a product (SKU) to see more details.
  4. You can pick the product and scan it. Alternatively, you can Key in the product by tapping the button as shown below:

Key in Product SuggestionsA PIN code may be required if pre-configured. Read more about PIN codes here.


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