Put-to-Light flow in the Skublox Hub App


You can use the Put-to-Light workflow in the Skublox Hub App to sort products to orders on a put wall. To get a detailed overview, please check our Sellercloud blog.

View walls

In the Put-to-Light section, you can see the list of walls:

  • Active walls are marked green
  • The red dot marks who is currently online

Put-to-Light view walls

Configure slots

You can click on the wall name to display a number of related options.

view and configure slots

You can click on the wall name to:

  • Adjust the brightness of the slots
  • Refresh all slot lights remotely
  • Run light tests on the slots
  • Restart the Skublox Controller App
  • Turn off the Skublox Controller AppConfigure Slots Hub App


Once you have a slot assigned you can click on it to view more slot information and to configure it:

  • Click on the SKU to open this SKU in Skustack Admin.
  • View the order number
  • If you want to help an employee to find the slot you can click Flash slot
  • You can click Cancel pending scan to cancel the pending scan
  • You can empty the slot by clicking Empty slot (You’ll need to enter a security PIN)

The image shows the options in the pop-up wiindow.

To disconnect a sorter from a wall, click on the user > Disconnect.

disconnect people

Configure cabling

To view connections between slots click Actions > Show cabling.

show cabling

To change cabling configurations:

  1. click Actions > Edit.
  2. Configure Wall segment shape.
  3. Select Cabling flow direction from the dropdown.
  4. You can preview the wall configuration on the right.

change cabling configurations



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