Serial Number Validation in Skublox


A serial number is a unique code assigned by the manufacturer to identify an individual unit of inventory. Serial Number validation helps you optimize efficiency, as well as mitigate mistakes and human errors in your sorting operations.

Configure Serial Number Validation

To have the system require Serial numbers when sorting:

  1. Navigate to Preferences Serials.
  2. Enable Using serial number validation in Sellercloud and Require serial number when sorting as shown below.Note that both settings must be enabled for this workflow!

Setting Definition
Enable Serial Number Validation Client setting. Enables serial number validation. Learn more about serial number validation and relevant client settings here.
Using serial number validation in Sellercloud Skublox Preferences setting. Indicates if serial number validation is enabled in Sellercloud. Click Configure to enable the necessary settings.
Require serial number when sorting Skublox Preferences setting. Enabling this setting will force serial scans to sort units. Disable this setting to allow sorting without serial scan.

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